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faqs Nov 16, 2020

Thank you so much for taking the time to give me feedback about WellnessRE Magazine!   Here are the top questions I've been asked about WellnessRE Pro membership.  

1. Why would I want to send a magazine to my audience that features other agents?  Isn't the point to be featuring me?  I so appreciate where you are coming from and completely understand what you are saying about the personal branding aspect.  That is my ultimate goal for the future, it’s just that I don’t have a way to do that yet.  It would require custom software to be developed that would allow me to do that.   But is definitely will be something I’m working on in the future once I have enough members to support my ability to hire developers etc.  I hope you understand that is a challenge for me since I’m doing everything right now on my own as well as working my own real estate business.   But I know it’s just a matter of time and I will get there!  😊 

The purpose of the magazine is three fold.  
One- is to help realtors stand out and get noticed with a unique and relevant publication that is done for you so it saves you time and frustration increasing your engagement and connection.  
Two- the second part is that I want to educate consumers about wellness real estate lifestyle projects that are happening across the country.  I want to share with them the ideas and simple actions they can take to create a healthier more comfortable and joyful living environment.  Because the content is about wellness real estate, I believe that just by you sending this to them regularly you are going to be seen as a leader in this fast growing segment of our industry!  
Third- I want to promote to consumers the significance that hiring a real estate agent gives them.  There are a lot of consumers that believe that agents don’t do any thing but push paper and receive large undeserved commissions. Being an agent myself I know exactly how hard this business is.  So the agents I will be featuring in the magazine will be doing things inside their community that promote wellness or sustainability and  they are doing their business differently than most agents.  They will be highlighting wellness features and educating clients on how to make healthier home purchases.  To me it’s more about educating consumers about the concept of a “wellness agent”.    Every member of WellnessRE Pro would have access to educational content inside the membership that would allow them to become wellness agents listed in the back of every issue with hot links direct to your website.  It would be sorted according to geographical region since my publication is nationwide right now.  Eventually I see it becoming more regional.   I know it’s not exactly what you are wanting, but it’s a start.  

 2.  If I can't personally brand the magazine right now, how can I accomplish my goal of promoting myself?  
I do think there is a way that you can present the magazine that is uniquely branded to you. This is something I can help with for sure.    I’ll be creating done for you social media posts about the articles along with copy that wellnessRE Pro members can access easily inside the membership.  All  you will need to do is cut and paste the imagery and copy into your social media like instagram and facebook. 

I’m also planning to write cut and paste emails and possibly to create mail chimp newsletter templates that have the latest issue featured inside, and your newsletter and email could also offer information about your local community like market updates that you could provide along with the magazine.  If I provided copy and a template for delivering the magazine would that be helpful to you?   Send me an email [email protected] if you'd like to offer suggestions!   

3. How can I be featured in future issues? 
Join WellnessRE Pro and submit an entry form where we can learn more about you and what you are doing for your clients and community!   Starting in 2021, every single WellnessRE Pro member also has the opportunity to be listed in the WellnessRE Pro Directory of each issue with hot-links to your website.  

4.  How can I send the December issue to my clients?  
Join WellnessRE Pro and send issues to your entire audience for the very low price of $39/mo. Click HERE to find out how.  This is brand new and clearly a work in progress that’s why I’m offering it at such a value of only $39/mo to send to everyone on your list.  If you were to hire a social media marketing person that could easily cost you 1000 times more!

5. I'd like to feature one of my listings, is that possible? 
Yes!  WellnessRE Pro members can submit notable listings with wellness features highlighted to be featured in futures issues.  I see this as an opportunity to showcase a nationwide snapshot of homes that have healthy features to again promote the idea of hiring a wellness agent who has the ability to showcase their home in this manner. Eventually I suppose I may charge for advertising in the magazine but for now, I’m not planning to do that.  I will have some criteria for how I’m choosing which listings will be featured because I don’t want the magazine to end up just being full of listings that deter from the readers overall experience.  

6. I'm interested in driving more traffic to my website, how can I do that? 
When you join WellnessRE Pro, every month you will receive HTML code that allows you to embed the digital flip-book onto a page of your choosing.   You are also free to post on social media and send the unlisted share link to anyone in you choose.  Whether you with 100 people or 10,000 people, the investment in WellnessRE Pro remains the same low price of $39/mo. If you were to hire a social media marketing person that could easily  cost you 1000 times more! 

5. $39 is it??  Will my membership price ever increase? 
$39 is all it takes to become a Member of WellnessRE Pro, and you are locked in at the lowest price it will ever be - FOR LIFE.  As long as you choose to continue sending WellnessRE Magazine to your audience, we will never increase your membership dues even when others are paying more. As I continue to implement more features and build out the site, the subscription will continue to increase slightly. Getting in at this ground level lets you keep this pricing for as long as as you want to keep sending the magazine even if others are paying more.  If you were to hire a social media marketing person that could easily cost 1000 times more!




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