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Latest Press Release for WellnessRE Magazine - Nov 2020


A lot of real estate agents are overwhelmed with online marketing. There is so much advice it’s hard to know what strategy is going to help them stand out. At WellnessRE Magazine  they help agents get noticed with unique and engaging content focused on helping readers create a healthier more comfortable home environment. Information that is relevant and unique in a stunning digital format increases engagement, so agents can spend less time and money marketing and more time doing what they do best; nurturing relationships and closing more deals.

“Many real estate agents I know spend endless hours coming up with content they hope is engaging and creative” says Sheila Alston Founder and Editor of the magazine. “and unfortunately these same agents spend hundreds of dollars each month promoting a message through their website, social media and even print marketing that doesn’t offer value and isn’t engaging. This is extremely expensive and is costing them in the form of no leads and tons of wasted energy and financial resources. I created this magazine to help solve that problem. Agents work too hard to be ignored.” she continued.

With as many as 87% of real estate agents failing in their first 5 years of business, it’s incredibly important, especially for newer agents to spend their marketing dollars wisely. Alston has created a Pro membership for her magazine where agents gain access to full issues each month to send to their audience via email, social media or they can even embed the magazine in their website to drive traffic there each month.

The best part about this magazine is that it’s about a new and trending topic that is everyone cares about: Wellness. The twist is that Alston has combined wellness with real estate. This isn’t something entirely new however, according to the Global Wellness Institute, in 2018 the wellness real estate industry was $134 Billion dollars and has been growing over 6% each year since then. It seems she might be onto something.

Alston is launching her membership in early November 2020 and is offering a great incentive for forward thinking agents to join her overarching mission to spread wellness and positively impact others.

“Imagine receiving thank you’s and referrals from a simple email you send each month” Alston says.

She adds “every real estate agent should be asking themselves “what do I do to stand out and get noticed? Because if they continue to say the same thing that everyone says, their marketing message becomes noise.”

To learn more head to www.wellnessREPro.com. Giving RE professionals an easy new way to provide value to their audience that increases engagement & connection.


If you you have any additional questions, or would like to know if your business/community qualifies to be featured in WellnessRE Magazine, contact [email protected] 



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