We get it; being a new agent or re-branding yourself can feel risky, so spending even $5 on something you aren't sure will bring in more revenue can keep you stuck in indecision.  

But the whole reason why our company exists is to make marketing and branding or re-branding yourself a little easier, and we know what this membership can do for your business! That is why we came up with the WellnessRE™ 365-day worry-free guarantee. 

So go ahead, try WellnessRE PRO for yourself for an entire year!  Share the magazine, connect with wellness agents and healthy home pros, and take steps to grow your following. And if, after your first year, you don't sell at least one home, we'll refund your money.  Because we don’t want anyone to lose money, we want you to succeed!*

So if this is the only thing keeping you from moving forward, rest easy because you have an entire year to test this out, and we're committed to helping you build your brand.

*Terms of WellnessRE™ 365-Day Worry-Free Guarantee 

The purpose of this guarantee is to help you feel safe knowing that the work you'll be doing to grow your business will pay-off, and if it doesn't, then we will refund your annual subscription.  However, this is not a guarantee for agents who plan to join and then not use the membership tools provided. Refunds are conditional based upon member performance to show sincere effort to share, connect and grow.   WellnessRE™ tools are not intended to be used solely by themselves.  They are designed to complement your local market data so that you aren't simply posting transactional information.   The factor used to determine business growth is sales.  

It is vital to understand that "posting and ghosting" DOES NOT grow your business.  In order to connect and engage with your audience, it's essential to continue to make calls, get involved in social groups, and do the networking you would normally do as an active agent.  Wellness real estate is simply the bridge to help you start more conversations and connect with prospects who may not be ready to move in the next few months.   

In order to request a refund, email [email protected] with the following information: 

Your name, date of initial membership, the reason why you are requesting a refund, and the following proof to show sincere effort was made to use membership tools.

  • Member must provide MLS transaction report showing no sales have been made during the membership period with WellnessRE™ PRO.
  • Member must show proof of using the membership tools for at least 9 of 12 months.
    • This can be by sharing Facebook feed and/or Instagram handle
    • At least 8 Newsletter or emails that show you were sharing the local market data as well as WellnessRE™ Magazine 
  • Member must show that you've been active in at least 1 social group and 1 industry networking group over the past 9 months.
  • Member must show a custom branded website that highlights your differences and the value you provide.  WellnessRE™ Magazine can be a lead magnet or embedded on an unlisted page.  Please provide links to either one.

If all of these requirements are met, the annual subscription to WellnessRE™ PRO will be refunded in f full.  Any WellnessRE™ PRO Plus auto posting fees are not included in the refund policy as these require additional man hours to custom brand and schedule.